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Selling a used car is usually a hectic process. Sellers are usually looking for a competitive price, and most of them also want the process to be smooth. Although the process of selling your car can take time, there are a few points that you should keep in mind before selling your old junk car. These points can be taken as a complete guide regarding ‘How to Sell My Vehicle’, because following them can help you keep the selling process smooth, and you will get the best price for your car.


However, if you are not interested in putting your effort into selling your junk car, you can hire an agent to help you in the process. The agent will take care of all the hassles and will help you to sell your car at a competitive price. But this assistance comes with a cost, and you have to pay a fixed amount of fee or commission to the agent at the end of the sale. Those who don’t want to spend their money on the agents can take the help of this ‘How to Sell My Vehicle’ guide. But is it important to go through this guide before selling your car? Before we start with the guide, let us help you understand how it can be helpful.


While you opt to sell your old car, there can be different reasons behind it. You are probably updating your vehicle and looking for a newer version or variant. In that case, you need to get the best price for your old car because this will help you to pay the old loan and to make a large down payment for your new car. If you choose to sell your car on your own instead of driving your car to a dealership, you will get paid more for your car. But selling your car yourself requires a lot of work, and this guide will help you sell your car without any hassle. So without any further due, let’s start with the guide on how to sell your car.


Plan how to sell your old car, junk my car for money.

As discussed earlier, there are several ways of selling a car, and there are pros and cons of each way. The first step you need to take is to decide how you will sell your car. We will list out a few ways that you can choose to sell your vehicle for your convenience.


Trade-In with dealer

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This is probably the easiest way to sell your car. If you are planning to replace your old car with a new car, then you can opt for this method. Usually, dealers keep your old car and give you the same discount on your ne

w purchase. This can be beneficial for those who are looking to save on sales tax. However, the seller is supposed to be careful and well educated while dealing with the dealer. Most of the dealers try to mix the price of the new car with the trade-in value and confuse the seller with the array of numbers, and ending up overcharging them for the new car. One efficient way to handle the situation is to treat each component as a separate transaction and then negotiate on each transaction.


Instant cash for your car:

This is another convenient way of selling your car, and this hassle-free process can also help you sell your car at a good price. In this method, the deal will be done online with Towawaytoday.com, or over the phone. You are required to provide the license number of your car along with the description of the condition and its mileage. You can get an instant offer this way. The trick to getting a fair price for your car is to remain accurate while providing the details of your car.


Sell it yourself:

This method can help you get a better price than the previous two methods but requires a lot more work. You have started with preparing your car for sale and collecting years’ worth of sales paperwork. You have to meet the buyers, crack the deal, and then complete the sales paper. There can be a lot more complications that you might face during the process.


Prepare your old junk car for sale:

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No matter which method you choose to sell your car, you need to prepare your junk car for sale. We know that you have taken good care of it over the period, but it still needs finishing to be presentable. The more effort you put in preparing your car, the better deal you will get. So it’s quite simple; if you are not willing to spend time and money on your car, you will not get much return for your investment. That is why it is advised not to skip the simple steps that can help you to sell your car quickly and for a better price. However, you need to judge whether this effort is worth it or not. For example, if you wash and wax a 15-year-old car, it probably won’t make much of a difference, but for a three-year-old sedan, these little cosmetic reconditioning will pay off.


Apart from cosmetic reconditioning, you will also have to keep it updated according to local vehicle inspection. There are some states where you must provide the inspection certificate along with the car at the time of sale like smog. Even if you don’t have the certificate, you need to provide the buyer with the warranty that it will pass the inspection. If it doesn’t manage to pass, you will either have to get the car back or pay for the repairs. However some car buyers will still buy your care and will take care of the problem for you.


Set a fair price for your car:

Once you choose the selling medium and have your car ready for sale, you should set a selling price for your car. Setting the right price for your car is an art. You have set the price high enough that is negotiable and low enough that the potential buyers are not scared away. If the price you chose for your old car is higher than the market rate, then it will take a bit of time for sale. A low price as compared to the market gets sold faster. If you don’t have an idea about the value of your car, there are enormous tools available online (https://towawaytoday.com) that can help you to get an idea of your car price.


Advertise your junk car:

The next part is to advertise your junk car. The traditional way of advertising is the newspaper, but that does not work these days. There are enormous selling platforms available online like towawaytoda.com, where you can post your ads or fill out the quote, and it will help you reach out to millions of potential buyers. Take images of your car in sunlight and post it on the platform along with the complete description, including mileage, options, and trim level, etc.

Once you get a call from the buyer, pick a safe place to meet. Never invite the buyer to your home; instead, meet them at a busy location. This is simply because everyone that reaches out to you for your car does not have the right intentions. So you have to make sure about your and your vehicle’s security. Usually, a parking lot of a mall is a safe place to meet since it has surveillance cameras.

Even when allowing the buyer to have a test drive, make sure you are there with the driver in the next seat. Take all the precautions before allowing the buyer to drive your car. If there comes the point where you are not comfortable with the drive, don’t let the test drive proceed further. Usually, a 30 minutes drive is good enough for a test drive.


Crack the deal, Transfer the Title, and complete paperwork

Once the buyer is satisfied with the car, it’s time to negotiate. The trick is to let the buyer offer you the price; rather, you give them a discount on the demanded price. Once you are done offering them the final price, it is advised to stop talking any further. Because the more you will talk, your position will get weaker. Even if you are satisfied with the offered price, you can always walk away from the offer.

However, both of you agree to a price; the final step will be to complete the paperwork. Complete the registration and title documentation. You can find an automotive bill from the internet with which you can ensure that car has been sold as-is, there is no warranty offered to the seller, and states that the sale of the car is final. Once you receive the payment, sign the document, and you are all set to go to your dealership and deposit the down payment for your next car. Even if you have other plans with this money, you are done with the hassle of selling your car.