How much is my car worth? [Definitive Guide to Consider]

13 April 2021

Are you considering selling your vehicle? If yes, then the most important thing you need to consider is understanding the car’s worth. Remember, it’s one of the essential factors that quickly clear out many questions for you to make the final decision.

When you are not fully aware of the car’s worth, you would either find it hard to sell by initializing high rates, or you would end up selling the car in a much cheaper amount as compared to its actual value. Hence, this criteria becomes a necessary thing for all of us.

In this article, we will talk about all of the aspects that can help you a lot in answering the question – how much is my car worth? Moreover, we will let you know about the TowAwayToday method of car evaluation at the end of this article, making it transparent and easier for you to consider them in the future.

how much is my car worthWhat are the important things that increase the Car Value?

When you are looking to understand the facts that increase the car value, below are the most important things that need to be complete at any conditions.

Exterior Condition:

Whenever a buyer wants to purchase a car, he/she would make decisions primarily based on first impressions. Whether you have a new or used car, it’s essential to improve the car’s exterior condition up-to-the-mark.

For that purpose, you need to consider a car that is well-polished along with freshly washed. Apart from that, if the vehicle requires any touch-ups, you should consider a new paint coat on it.

The best you would consider out of it is that it will improve the car’s overall appearance, but the buyer would also raise the car’s value. In research, the experts also accepted that a better exterior condition could become a possible reason to increase the car’s worth.

Full-Service History:

A car that contains the right amount of complete history services clearly states that the repair work and maintenance has been done in the right way and at the right time throughout the procedure. Whether you are considering a car buyer online or offline, they tend to get very impressed that a seller offers them a full-service history of the car.

In other words, it helps the buyer that the previous owner does not roughly use a car so that it would require less work for the maintenance. Besides that, major other things consider inside it depending upon the buyer’s preferences.

Damage less: 

It’s a dream for you to buy a car that comes with fewer damages. Similarly, whenever you want to sell a vehicle with increased rates, you would have to consider the same things inside it. In other words, it gives the idea to a buyer that purchasing the car would be worth it and it would sell in a reasonable amount in the future due to the excellent mechanical and visual conditions.

Luckily, the experts also suggest that having a vehicle without a considerable amount of damage tends to be the one that will sell quickly with reasonable market rates.

Therefore, you always need to take care of the car when it comes to damages. IF you have taken good care of it, you would quickly sell it for a considerable profit.

Interior Condition: 

After the exterior part, the second overlooked area of the car is its interior. The interior condition needs to be as perfect as possible to get a good amount for the car. When you consider the better interior condition, make sure it would remain dust-free, and there shouldn’t any eatable object placed inside it for longer.

Meanwhile, you should need to make it as empty as possible. With fewer objects, the simplicity provides a more gracious impact to the interior. When you do it in the same way, it will make a good impact on the buyer’s eye, and the chances are higher than they would pay you a good amount for the car.

Orderly Paperwork: 

The paperwork is among the most critical factors that define the worth of the car. When you have past insurance repairs, MOT certificates, and other necessary documentation as per your town’s legislative department, you will get a reasonable rate for the car.

Apart from that, never try to evaluate the car’s worth whenever you miss out on any of the mandatory documentation required for the car. The missing documents would make it a hassles situation for you, and you would have to face loads of issues.

What Are the Important Things That Decrease the car value?

When you are looking to understand the facts that decrease the car value, below are the most important things that need to be complete at any conditions.


There is a huge misconception that modified vehicles tend to offer better re-selling prices to the car owner. In general, there is nothing true at all with the modification of the car. It would help if you always understood that the buyer is never interested in any additional vehicle component installed. Therefore, they would not be going to pay you the amount at all for the same thing.

Not everyone wants to buy a car to bang it on the roads due to its modifications. Most of the people want it to get the help of transportation. Therefore, you should need to consider this fact a lot.

Apart from that, when people don’t take an interest in modified vehicles, it will automatically decrease their market value. In other words, when there are few buyers available in the market to purchase a car, the value automatically decreases.

Out-Dated MOT:

You would see a drastic amount of car value whenever you don’t keep or make a service history book. There will always be confusion in the buyer’s mind that you have not taken good care of it. Therefore, they wouldn’t believe in the current car conditions.

If we talk about savvy buyers, they are clever enough to know about all relevant things. Why? Because they usually know that the MOT payment would come out from their own pockets. Therefore, they will either skip the buying decision or demand you to lower the car prices.

Wear and Tear:

The third and most important thing that depreciates the car prices or car worth is the faded color, Scratches, and dents. Hence, you shouldn’t bring a car for sale that has all of these issues inside it. Instead of that, you need to consider a service provider who can offer you the repairs’ services.

If you don’t give much importance to the visual issues, then experience the lower prices. Why? Because no one would ever impress with its first impression. Hence, you would have to face loads of issues to sell it at the desired prices.

Broken Components:

If you are expecting to sell your vehicle with broken components, then you are making the dumb decision of your life. You need to understand that there are many internal components inside the car that If contain damages, it would be harder to replace them.

Due to these reasons, you would see that majority of the buyers would not show any interest in purchasing the car. They make the decisions, and you will not get the accumulated prices you have set for the vehicle.

In that situation, it will be a mandatory option to replace the primary components. Else, you would have to face depreciation at the time of car selling.

How Tow Away Today Evaluate the Car Worth?

Towawaytoday is the well-known car buyer service online that deals with jubnk, damaged, used, and new cars in California, Texas, Illinois, and Florida. They are the ones who are offering the services as local for a long time. Therefore, most people believe in their services and always call them for any car selling or purchasing.

Now, the primary question that arises here is that what will be the evaluation procedure of towawaytoday for the car worth. Well, the method of car evaluation is straightforward, and we are discussing them in steps.

Step no 1 (Fill Out the car Quote Form):

The first step is to visit the official website of TowAwayToday and fulfill the details asked in their Car quote Form. Here, you would have to put the personal and vehicle details. It will include all of the essential things that can quickly evaluate the car condition and help them give you the car quote since they are not physically available.

After you fill out the form, the representative will call or email you depending upon the given contact information. Over there, you will get the exact price of your car.

Step 2 (Accept or Reject):

After you got the Price for your car, the deal will be valid for around 48 to 72 hours for you to quickly think about it. Depending on your response, the towing service will appear at your location to pick up the car. In most cases, we would be happy to tow the vehicle on the same day if you accept the offer straight away.

Step 3 (Final Evaluation):

When our Towing Service appears at the location, they will evaluate all of the things you have mentioned in the Car quote for the last time before paying you the amount. Therefore, never try to dodge TowAwayToday by putting wrong information in the form.

Step 4 (Payment is done):

After our representative passes the evaluation, you will get your payment in cash, cheque, or any other way you want. The car will be towed away by our representatives from the location.