How Much for Junk Car? What Does Your Old Junk Car Have to Offer?

12 January 2021

Selling your old car can be tempting, but you drop the idea completely because you have so many memories associated with it. This seems fair if you have kept the car in good condition and providing it with all that it needs. But if it’s just sitting in your junkyard and getting dust, then you should probably consider giving your old car a new home. And you don’t have to sell your old car just because it’s of no use now, but it has something great to offer in return as well.

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Maybe your ticket to some extra cash is in your car, which is sitting in your junkyard. You can get from $50 to a $10.000. Even if you don’t have it available in working conditions, it will still help you get good cash out of it. One possible way is to sell it to junk car companies like Towawaytoday.

They will visit you at your home to inspect the vehicle and provide you with a fair quote for your car. If you find the quote to be a suitable deal, you can let Tow away today know, and they will pay you instant cash and will tow away your car free of cost from your home as well.

But that is just one option that you have for your automobile. In this article, we will discuss many other ideas regarding your old car. You may consider these ideas for your car or suggest a friend or family member and help them make a good decision.

Why a good decision? Because we have seen people giving their old car for almost nothing and then regret their decision. While listening to one of the old car owner’s families, we come to know that they handed over the car to their friend for free. The friend who received the car invested a small amount of money and had it professionally painted and detailed. He ended up selling the car for thousands. So just to make sure you don’t do something similar to your old car in the future, let us take you through some of the ways your old car can help you make more money.

Where To Sell Junk Car? Sell It To Auto Retailers or Towawaytoday

This is the easiest way of making money out of your car. The auto market is always looking for options, and if you have a car that is in reasonable condition, you can get a good price for it very easily. There has been a fear of not getting enough price for your car, but that is not true. Although the sale of the leased car has grown recently but we have also seen a hike in the sale of used cars recently. There are very simple things that you can do with your car and get a handsome price for it. Getting it detailed from the professionals or tuned up can make a difference in what you get paid for your car. Towawaytoday will buy your car as it is, for a good price and will top off any offer. Don’t wait and fill out the quote to find out how much my junk car is worth!


Offer extras with your car

If you are serious about giving your old car a new home, you have to think outside the box. Giving something extra always attracts people and literally encourages them to pay a good amount for your car. The easiest extra that you can offer is the proper history of the maintenance of the vehicle. Sharing your car service records will prove that the car is well maintained and help buyers have trust in your car and invest in the right thing. Another idea is to include the owner’s manual and original paperwork of the vehicle. This can include the manufacturer’s brochures or invoice receipt as well. Even if you have done any modification to your car, you can let the potential buyers know about it. For example, if you have added a new sound system or new tires or added a tracking system, you can let the buyer know about it. People love it when they get something extra. All these extra will help you boost your car’s value and encourage people to offer more.


Don’t invest in needless upgrades

Although we advise car sellers to do modifications to their old junk vehicle, but the modification is expected to be reasonable. There is no need to go overboard while modifying your car because you might not be able to get the expected return out of it. The inside and outside of your vehicle should be in good condition. If there are any dents, get them removed. Get it to repaint if required. The goal is just to fix what is absolutely necessary in terms of maintenance. Your automobile should be smooth while driving and should be in a condition where it can easily manage to pass the state safety inspection. You can look into the major issues related to the safety and drivability of the car. However, if you don’t have an updated stereo installed in your car, you might not be required to get it replaced.


Advertise your vehicle properly

Since this is the age of the internet, you can use different digital platforms to advertise your car and get the most in return. Selling it in your local area might not help you to reach potential buyers. To give your old vehicle a good new home,  you should consider advertising it on digital platforms. However, the trick is to remain transparent about your car in the advertisement. Faking it in the advertisement might help you to have some visitors, but none will end up investing in your car. So put all the correct information in the ad. If the car has the AC broken, list it in the ad. This will build a sense of trust and credibility, which will help you to get the best price for your vehicle. Take high-quality pictures in daylight, showing both the interior and exterior of the car. Also, add the image of the engine or anything broken in the car. This will make your car stand out from the rest and increase your chances of getting sold in no time.


Consider selling it to part pickers

This is recommended for those car owners who can not consider giving their car a new home; instead, they can sell its parts to make money. You can either inspect the car yourself and figure out which parts of the car are in selling condition, or you can take the help of the local mechanic as well. For example, if the body of the car is gone, but the engine can be brought back to life after a little overhauling, then you can get a good price for the engine. However, dismantling the car parts is a technical process, and there are major safety and environmental concerns associated with it. You are supposed to follow the rules of disposing of the engine oil and other fluids. We advise you to dismantle the parts yourself only when you have proper training in it and you are aware of the disposing protocols. If you don’t have the proper training, you can also consider contacting companies that offer their services online and can buy these parts from you after you reach out to them.


Consider selling it to Junk

We have suggested this option at the start of this article as well, and this is a reasonable option if your car is nothing but a big piece of metal. There are companies who will still pay for it, and some will offer free towing as well. Depending upon the condition of the vehicle, you will be provided with a quote. Once you agree, the company will pay you the amount and take care of the removal process. If not junk companies, you might consider selling it to old automobile enthusiasts. Some people pursue this as a hobby, and some of them make a career out of it. They usually reassemble the car, paint it and bring it back to life.


These are a few of the options that you can consider if you are looking for a new house for your old automobile. Not only will it be used by some other person but it will also help you get a new car. Whatever you are going to do with your car is your decision, but these small decisions can help you earn more out of your old vehicle. Even if you don’t want to sell the car and neither want to keep it in your garage, you can consider donating it to the charity. If your car run and drive, then it will be gold for them. If your car doesn’t run, then consider choosing a charity that has a towing program. If you have other better options for the old car owners, you can share your ideas with us as well.