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We always believe that selling your car yourself, instead of selling to dealerships, can help you get more money for your vehicle. This is because when you are taking the responsibility to sell your car yourself, you are saving on the commission of the dealer. But this is not as simple as it looks and the experience could have been scary at times as well. However, if you have done your homework and are well prepared before listing your car for sale, you can make the process pretty smooth.

If you are planning to sell your car yourself in Riverside Ca, you probably must start with bringing your car in the selling condition. Although it is your choice whether you want to recondition your car before selling it or not, we advise you to at least get it serviced and properly detailed before bringing it into the market. Now replacing the old parts with the new parts is your call because you have to analyze whether you will get paid extra for it or not. Once you have your car in a presentable form, you can now decide the platform you want to choose to sell your car. You can either advertise it on the internet or can spread the word in your social circle. We recommend using both platforms as a source as it will help you to sell your car quickly.

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Those who don’t have their car in running condition or they don’t want all the hassle with selling it itself, can consider selling their car to a car company in Riverside Ca. TowAwayToday is one of the car companies offering their car buying services in Riverside Ca, which can provide you with instant cash against your old car. All you need to do is to reach out to them email or fill out the quote. You will be asked to provide basic details of your car, and you will be offered a fair price for your car. Once you agree to the offered amount, TowAwayToday will pay you instant cash and will remove the car from your place as well. We usually tow the car the same day in Riverside Ca so you don’t have to pay extra for the towing service as well.

Since you now have your car ready for the buyers, there are few simple safety measures that you must follow when you are selling your car in Riverside, CA. The aim of this article is to educate you about the selling process so that you don’t end up being scammed. We have heard a few horror stories of cars being stolen from the owners and we don’t want you to be the next victim of it. There is a risk of scam, robbery or fraud, and even physical attacks when you are planning to meet strangers to sell your car. You can maximize the value of your car and can sell it safely if you take the right preventive measures. With the following safety advice, you can prevent your car from theft during the seller and buyer meetings and can also get the decent price for it. You can save the worries and just contact towawaytoday. Our driver will come with the money and pick up your car stress free.

Safety Tips for the car Seller

Get an idea about the caller

When you advertise your car on the internet, you are usually contacted via call. This is your chance to get an idea about the buyer. Try to get an idea of whether the buyer is serious about buying your car or if he is just trying to lure you into a trap to rob you. The trick is to ask a lot of questions from the buyers like what they are looking for and what their needs are. The more you engage the caller in the conversation, the more you get a feel about them.

Meet the buyer in a public place

Since you must show your car physically to the buyer, there is no way you can have this meeting in your office cabin. You have to pick a place where you have to meet the buyer. You might have been thinking of inviting the buyer to your home, but that is a bad idea as well. By bringing them home, you are increasing the chance of theft. Pick a busy public place where you are comfortable meeting the buyer. A shopping mall with an open-air parking lot can be the best option where you can meet the buyer and give him a chance to have a look at your car.

Do not meet the buyer alone

This is going to be a stupid idea if you are going to meet the buyer alone. Even if you have decided to meet in a busy area, you should have someone with you at the time of the meeting. Bring your friend, colleague, brother, or any family member with you just to be on the safe side. They say two heads are better than one. Not only you will keep your meeting safe this way, but you might be able to negotiate without any fear.

Listen to your gut

You might have some sort of experience with human behaviour. It is usually very clear from the human behaviour what his intentions are. At any point, if you feel unsafe or feel uncomfortable meeting the buyer, turn the sale over to an auto broker or contact Towawaytoday. Your best car deal might take a little time to reach you but this you will keep yourself and your car safe.


Apart from these safety measures, there is a lot you have to do while selling your car yourself. The first thing that you need to do when you receive a call from the buyer is to screen the caller. You have to make sure that you do a good screen of the caller before you decide to meet him face to face. The trick here is to stay calm and don’t get eager to sell your car. This way, there is a chance that you might miss a warning sign. If you find the caller suspicious, simply hang up instead of prolonging the conversation.

You can ask questions from the buyer, and this will help you to understand who is really interested in your car and who is not. Only schedule test drives with the buyers who are serious. If the buyer doesn’t really know what to ask, volunteer him with a model, year, color, and the number of miles the car has been driven. You can also ask the caller that you would like to see his driving license before hitting the road for a test drive. This will discourage anyone with criminal intentions from going any further. Once you have scheduled the test drive and the buyer is ready to meet you at the decided public place, inform any of your friends or family member about the time and venue of the meeting. You can also share your location with them just to give them an idea of where you are.

Meeting the buyer to sell your car

When you meet the buyer at the meeting point, ask for the driving license, click a picture of it and send it to your friend before going for the test drive. Make sure that you are meeting the buyer in the daylight and possibly a high traffic area where people can see you. Don’t leave your wallet or valuables in the car before going for the test drive. Sit next to the buyer while going for the test drive and keep the drive short. Drive in the populated area and keep the drive engaged throughout the drive. Usually, a thirty-minute drive is more than enough to get an idea about the car. If the buyer needs more time, let him ask you for it.

Process of car price negotiation

The next thing in the process is the negotiation handling the car. Usually, a buyer who is really interested in your car will want to negotiate the price a little bit. When bothHow to Sell Your Car for Cash in Riverside CA

of you and the buyer agree on a price, try convincing the buyer to pay you in cash. There is a good chance that the buyer might not feel comfortable paying the price in cash which is completely understandable. In that case, refuse any unusual request like you can come and collect the amount from a random place and hand over the car. If the buyer is asking to pay via a cashier’s cheque, you can ask the buyer to arrange a meeting at his bank. Cash the cheque in front of the buyer and if you have transferred it to your account, verify the funds being transferred successfully. Once the payment is successful, complete the paperwork and hand over the car to the buyer.

These are some of the precautions that you can take while selling your car yourself. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Follow your intuition and be prepared for the worst. Selling your car is not a difficult process; however, it is you who can keep the whole process safe and sound.

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