How Much My Car Lose On Value in Los Angeles After An Accident?

Experts say that 20% of the car value decreases after the moment you drive it off on Los Angeles roads despite having a new and perfect look and condition. It might create many questions in your mind regarding car accidents and the same reason for its price decrease.

If you have the same thinking, you are not alone. When a car is no longer considered brand new, it will not be worth it as per the same manufacturer’s price.

Most of the cars smoothly go down in their prices and value my car in Los Angeles with time. And, that’s also with the type of vehicles that holds good condition. However, when it comes to the damaged car situation, how much depreciation you could expect after an accident? That’s all we are here to tell you about.

Can I Improve the value of my car in Los Angeles after an accident?

It’s not easy to say that damaged cars can quickly improve their value after meeting an accident in Los Angeles. However, it’s hypothetically right to say that there is some hope. You are good to go with filing a diminished value claim to any insurance company you ae connected with for accident reasons. That’s also possible when the other party is responsible for the accident.

It’s the right way to quickly recover all the differences due to an accident that has shattered a car value. However, insurance could help you with the repairing purpose. It’s not that easy to go for the same option, but you have the reason and potential, so it’s worth it.

For these reasons, you have the option to appraise professionally about your car and try to find the fair value of it. If you are lucky, you can quickly go for a claim for all the losses you have to bear for its value.

You need to research about the insurance claims that are working fine in Los Angeles. Here’s how you can easily find the further process to pursue it. In some states, you have the option to claim the insurance of the car by filing it to other driver insurance company. However, there are some states where this rule doesn’t apply. Therefore, it’s good it research about Los Angeles insurance claims rules for a car.

In some cases, you might not need to perform such claims due to the insurance claims’ specific laws. You have to figure out the situation by researching it online, as it’s the best option for you.

The Los Angeles State Appraiser will have an in-depth examination of your car after the repairs you have been made on it. After that, the appraiser will claim the value by comparing the Blue Book.

Let say the blue book of your car holds a $20,000 Value, but the appraiser post-repair value is around $15,000, then you can easily file the claim to get around $5,000 recovery for the diminished value based on another driver fault. The more you research about it, the better it holds in your way.

Also, the lesser time you will consume for filing a claim, the better it would be in your case. So, it’s good to file the case as sooner as you can.

How Much Value of My Car Affect After an Accident?

It’s hard to say or hear, but you can experience a considerable amount of lower value after facing a significant accident in your car no matter what. It’s obvious to say that because who would get the car from you after seeing significant structural damage, big dent, crushed rear end, or a missing mirror.

Despite having the insurance money and repairing your car to look like the same. It will still make a substantial impact on the vehicle history report at the time you sell it. It will bring many questions about whether you are selling it to an individual party, dealership, or any other customer in the buyer’s mind.

Your car does lose its actual value after meeting an accident. It’s a universal fact that the accidental car can never become as good as it will be in the past. It might not run well the same due to the structural issues.

But accidental car prices depreciation also depends on the number of miles, model, and brand. You can quickly figure out what would the value of my car In Los Angeles after an accident through it.

How Much Value of My car is Lost after an Accident?

Let say you have purchased a brand new car for $30,000. After some hour you drive the same car to your home, it’s the price that would decrease a considerable amount. But wait, it’s a new car with no accidental issues even, and you are not planning to sell it. It doesn’t matter. After one year, you have maintained the car, but you still want to take it to the car dealer, and the dealer would quote you the prices around $19,000.

Whoa, the price decreased to almost 20% of its actual value. Even nothing has happened in the car, and it’s only one year old. You should know that every year the car tends to decrease around 10% to 15% on average without any reason. After spending five to six years, car worth will drop half of its actual value.

When you had an accident, the car’s depreciation value will lead to around 10% to 25% every year. If you had an accident in the first year, the actual worth a car should have would be $19,200. But, the accident will cost less the price from $17,000 to $15,000.

It’s a general example; however, you can easily calculate the value by considering the site providing the service. It’s the same calculation used by the insurance company when getting the right amount for your car after an accident.

You should also know that these calculations are only performed the same at the car insurance company. You would not expect the same car value and its price when you will take it to the private buyer or a car dealer.

Insurance companies almost use the same formula for car value depreciation after the accident. The outcome always comes out the same. But when it comes to selling your car, the situation becomes more subjective.

When you are selling it to a person, they buy it by considering the vehicle’s history and its damages. If the customer is desperate about the model and make of the car, they will always feel the car worth it.

When the customer is intended to buy any car, they will raise questions against the damage history. They will also try to depreciate the price more than the expenses you have calculated on your own.

Is it still possible to sell my car after an accident?

Selling the car after it meets an accident does come with an added issue factor. If the repair has done well and it’s working fine, you can consider a dealer for trade-in or cash or consider a private party for free quotations. But in both cases, the car’s accident history would raise a question.

It’s important not to hide anything from the situation that happened to you. It will not only come back to you badly, but you would also get legal issues. It’s not a good idea to hide something, as you also don’t want someone to do it with you.

Last but not least, whether it’s an individual party or a dealer, both will try to depreciate the price. However, you have to tell the correct value to them by considering the accident depreciation.

Is it Possible to prevent vehicle depreciation after an accident?

Generally, all of us can see that every car tends to decrease by 10% to 20% of its actual market value. So, there is nothing that can help us as a poor accidental car owner. The only way you can stop the depreciation caused by accident is by preventing the accident itself.

You have to make sure the car is working well, the maintenance procedure should be proper, and you drive it safely and vigilantly behind the wheels. Accidents may happen in your life sometimes; however, you can only improve those damages.

It’s the nature of a car where you couldn’t quickly stop its value in the market. Whether it’s an accident or not, its price tends to decrease every month or year. The only thing a car owner could do is slow the car value depreciation by following anything that could help them in the real world.


You might had a car accident recently and you are worried about the amount of value It will decreases after it. Nothing to worry about anything, you just have to keep the car works fine and don’t give any strong reason to the buyer regarding non-smooth experience.

Whether you have an accident car or not, its prices tends to decrease. A non-accidental car use to get 10% to 20% depreciation in the rater per year. However, an accident car use to get 10% to 25% depreciation in the rate per year.

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