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How To Sell Your Old Car For Cash in California? Expert Tips

If we talk about the current times, every single person has to do everything on their own. Whether it’s about selling the old home or a car, everything is pretty much dependent upon the DIY approach. Who would happily pay the amount to a third man like the home or automobile dealership that is responsible for selling your precious things?

That’s why most people try to do all the things on their own and get all the profit in their pocket. Although it’s a daunting task, the profit or outcome tends to come the right way for a person. However, you have Tow Away Today in California that brings the right value for your old car if you are not considering the DIY approach.

But wait? Are these people selling the vehicles without any experience or suggestion? We think it’s probably wrong to say that no experienced is behind those people to sell the old car. If we talk about California, so there are many things you need to consider when selling an old vehicle to someone.

Are you the one who wants to sell your old car without getting ripped off? Are you the one who wants to get the maximum profit out of it just like someone else? Whatever would be your needs or demands, today, we will help you out with our thoroughly researched tips in this article. All you need is to keep these tips in your mind at the time of selling an old car in California.

List of Tips to Sell your Old Car in California:

Tip no 1:

You might get surprised by the fact that the customers who are intended to buy a used car do consider the cleanliness. Have you ever heard about the idiom “First Impression is the last impression”? If yes, then you need to apply the same strategy in your vehicle to get the maximum amount of potential customers who are willing to purchase your car at any cost.

Whether it’s about the car’s interior or exterior, you need to make sure that every inch of the vehicle needs to be clean properly before you show it to the customer. Otherwise, the customer would turn-off their mind to purchase your car. It makes sense as no one will be willing to purchase a car that shows a very dusty experience to them. In other words, it shows the idea of how rough you have been using this car for a long time.

Tip no 2:

Service or maintenance records are also one of the best ways to show your car as the best option for someone who is thinking of buying an old car. Why? Because it will provide them an idea that you have been taking care of the vehicle perfectly for a long time. Therefore, there would be no significant issues that may exist in the car.

The records would be of anything like the repairs, new tires, service, oil change, and many more. Let say you have not collected all of the maintenance records; there is nothing to be worried about anything. You have a mobile phone to contact the service provider where you most often take your car for the same purpose.

They will quickly provide you the record either in a soft copy in your email address, or they would write anything you have paid them for the services on the official company note pad. The number and address would already mention on the notepad. Therefore, the buyer would also contact them and verify the services you have done with them.

In short, it will show an idea to the buyer that you will be the most honest person to purchase a car. Moreover, it indicates that the vehicle is in good condition.

Tip no 3:

It would be best if you made sure that everything is pretty sound when selling the car to a used car buyer. Let say your car requires some minor fixes; it’s your responsibility to check out those issues and try to resolve them before showing the car to a customer.

If your vehicle has engine sound or engine oil leakage issues, then it will raise questions to the buyer’s mind to buy your car or not. If we are saying to resolve car issues, then we are not talking about the significant issues. You can consider the discount options if the car is asking for a considerable amount of work. Else, you would preferably sell it to the junkyard, who may not raise any questions regarding the significant issues as all they need is to scrap your car body metal and sell it.

However, the issues need to be fixed based on minor problems. Otherwise, the people would never consider offering you the full price of the vehicle.

Tip no 4:

Setting the car price is also an essential thing when selling your used car to a used car buyer. You can also consider various online platforms where you would enter about the same model and make of car and get a tremendous amount of car price results.

Based on that data, you can easily set up the price as per the car value to get instant calls from the used car buyers. Moreover, the potential buyers will also buy it from you without asking a single question.

Let say you are going with a random car price approach, and then there would be nothing you will get at the end of the day. None of the buyers would ever appear to see your vehicle just because of its overpricing. Therefore, you need to make sure that the prices are under-controlled.

Last but not least, never try to depreciate the car prices also. In this way, you are not only affecting the market rates, but it will also come up as a very loss situation for you.

Tip no 5:

If you are considering classified ads to sell your vehicle for cash, then these ads need to be compelling. Otherwise, you would never get the right outcome out of it. What would be the attractive classified ads for your cars? Such a question might arise in your mind.

To answer this question, we would suggest using the ad’s catchy lines along with mentioning the car model, make, and contact number. Therefore, anyone who will appear on the ad would instantly contact you and purchase the car without thinking about anything.

Meanwhile, make sure to create short ads as longer ads tend to have less attraction, and Lead will never generate from those ads. The more you do it shortly, and the higher possibilities are that your car will get sold from the ads.

Tip no 6:

Whenever you sell an old car to a private buyer for cash, make sure to select a public place instead of inviting them to your home. Why? Because the used car buyer would always ask you for the test drive. The higher possibilities are that you will get ripped off in such situations.

Therefore, selecting a public place where lots of restaurants and banks need to be available. Why? Because a person who is intended to take a test drive would never theft your vehicle by not coming back to the place. If such scenarios happen, the cameras will be there to capture the face of the person.

Otherwise, you would also get along inside the car when a customer wants to have a test drive. If you are going along in the car, then make sure to take one of your friends or family member so both of you would be inside the vehicle at the time of test drive.

Tip no 7:

Verifying the license number of a used car buyer is very important. Suppose you are dealing with junkyards, Automobile dealerships, or any other auto service provider. In that case, it’s not mandatory to do the check and balance as the service providers always have a mode of verifications for the customers.

If you consider a private buyer, then things don’t get seamless in your way. The best part is that you can now easily verify the license number by researching it online. Few resources are available in the market that can quickly help out to let you know whether the buyer has a verified license or not.


Selling an old used car in California has become a DIY approach for a lot of people. Just because it provides a considerable profit, people don’t prefer to include a third-party to sell the used car on your behalf and get the percentage.

The private selling procedure is not as more comfortable as you think. There are lots of daunting experiences you need to experience. However, how other peoples would do it in the right way? That’s what we have talked about in this article.

All you need is to follow all the tips we have mentioned in this article. Every tip has been taken after doing a hefty amount of research, Live Testing, and many more. Therefore, considering every tip would maximize more profit and provide you a better roadmap to do things.

If you are not considering the DIY approach, then you have the option to select us. Tow away today is one of the reliable used car buyer service that can provide the best quote for your car. Fill out basic info about your car and see how much we will pay for your car. It takes only a moment to find out. Sell Car For Cash in California!

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