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15 April 2021

Are you the one who is planning to sell your car for a long time? If so, then you have come to the right place. We truly understand that selling a car would not be an easy option for a lot of reasons. You would have to wait for longer times and irrelevant people that makes the entire procedure hassles for you. Also, the deals would not be as beneficial as you expect from the car from the start.

However, you might get confused because who would buy my car at the right price and instantly? Well, TowAwayToday is the reliable junk car buyer online who can entertain you for buying your car.

But before we started talking about the benefits of this service, let’s talk about the hard reasons that you have to face when considering a Wholebuyer or a Private seller for your car.

 Buy My Car – Issues of Selling a Car to a Private buyer or Wholebuyer:

buy my car - tow away my car today for cashUnknown Car Value: 

The first and most important thing that a cars seller has to face is the car value idea. Whenever a car owner sells his/her car to a whole buyer or private seller, it becomes a hassles situation to understand the car value and sells it to the right profit margin.

Therefore, you would either price it too higher that make it a hard thing to be easily sold in the market, or you would price it too lower that, in a sense, would give you loss. In both conditions, identifying the car value becomes a very troublesome situation.

In the meantime, the private buyer or Wholebuyer didn’t guide or help you for the same purpose. In other words, they always try to get benefits of such situations and offer you the price that would not help you in any way. Therefore, you need to be an expert in such scenarios to make the decision helpful and beneficial for yourself.

Meanwhile, you need to know everything about the car damages, mileage, components conditions, and many more things to identify your vehicle is standing in the value. Hence, you would then easily make the right decisions depending upon the same knowledge.

Spending money on the Repairs: 

When a car owner sells the car, he/she has to spend some money on its repairs if the buyer is a whole buyer or a private buyer. Why? Because these parties tend to look upon the condition of the car to offer you the car quote.

The saddest part is that they take a considerable amount of benefit from such situations and always try to offer you car quotes that are way lower than the car’s actual value. Hence, you would have to spend on its repairs that usually increase the car’s liability compared to its actual value.

Apart from that, even you have spent money on your vehicle’s major repairs, and the car buyer can easily identify it. Therefore, they would also try to lower the prices by considering its visual appeal. Hence, you would have to face loads of issues for the same reasons even after spending the money.

Remember, the Private or whole buyer is not here to satisfy you with their car quotes. They are not your relatives or well-wishers. Therefore, they always try to make excuses that can help them to lower the car prices. It would help if you were very careful to make the deal successful, which sometimes becomes an impossible thing.


You might be a busy person who has to do a job or run a business; therefore, selling the car would become a hassle when the customers are the whole buyer or private buyer. Why? Because they tend to see the car first before making any decisions to purchase it from you.

In that case, you have to schedule loads of meetings and entertain the customer who appears to see the vehicle. Therefore, it would take a lot of your time that you might not be in the condition to bear or give anyone.

Let say you have managed to free up some time out of your busy schedule, and it would be still a dangerous thing for you to entertain the customers. Some of them might not come in the ethical way to buy your car.

In the past, experts have told about the stories where a car owner has to loss his money and car by giving a random buyer the test drive before finalizing the deal. The buyer started the vehicle for a test drive and never came back.

Apart from that, most of the cases also happen when the car has to face accidental damages after a customer asked for the test drive. In that case, things always become hassles for you. Therefore, getting out of it would be a daunting thing.

The negotiation process: 

As a car owner, you need to learn about the negotiation tactics whenever selling your car to a private or whole buyer. Why? Because they come with the intentions of lowering the vehicle’s actual prices to get it in a good deal.

Remember, every car owner who sells their car to a private buyer or whole buyer tends to have good knowledge about the car negotiations. In your case, things might not be as easier as you believe. Learning the negotiation process is not easier than you will accumulate in days. You have to be in the process for a long time.

As the whole buyer is doing business of cars, they tend to be way good than an ordinary car seller or buyer. Hence, you as a buyer would have to go far less as compared to what you will deserve from a car.

In that case, you would have to take along anyone who is good at negotiation and can speak to the buyer party with confidence and negotiation skills. Else, you should need to learn about everything by yourself.

The Long Procedure: 

Whether you believe it or not, selling the car to a private or whole buyer takes a lot of time. It depends totally on your luck to achieve the right deal and sell your car. Otherwise, most of the cases would insist you wait for a long time to make the deal beneficial for you.

In most cases, the struggles take so much time, and you would not easily sell the car at all. In that cases, you would also experience that the car prices will slightly go down as no one in the market would be interested in buying it at all.

Benefits of Tow Away Today Buying Your Car:

The golden rule of selling your car happily is when the opposite party makes a good impression and communicates with you. Therefore, no other limitations or reasons would happen that prevents you to not go for the deal.

In that case, you would be happy to hear that towawaytoday is the car buyer online who can give you the same experiences when buying your car. But, what are the major benefits of selling the car to them? That’s what we are going to talk about here.

Effortless Services: 

First of all, you would have to sell your car without getting into any hassles situation. Like, you are very optimistic about doing your job or business and doesn’t have that much time to sell the car by appearing yourself. It’s an ideal option to go with a car buying service that can give value to your time in that situation.

Luckily, TowAwayToday is a company that can easily help you out for the same purpose. They are the ones who can offer you the effortless procedures to sell your car to them without being there as a person. In other words, you would easily attempt the selling procedure by not meeting any single person at all.

No Negotiations: 

The selling procedure of Tow Away Today is pretty much simple. Those who are struggling with the negotiation process can easily consider their services. The car quotes are offered depending upon the actual condition of the vehicle. Meanwhile, you will get a detailed report that will make everything transparent for you.

In that case, you would not need to negotiate at all for anything. Why? Because the car quotes will be good enough as compared to the private or whole buyer offers.

Ease of Payments: 

TowAwayToday is famous for its outstanding payment options to customers. Whether you demand it in cash, cheque, or anything else, the company will entertain you as per your needs and demands.


Regardless of the time, the company always offer its services to the customers. Whatever time you demand to let your car tow away, the company will come to your scheduled time duration to pick up the car.

Car Selling Procedure of Tow Away Today:

In general, you need to fill out the car quote form that will only take five minutes. All you need is to fill out the information available about you and your vehicle. After completing the information, the representative will contact you for the car quote.

If you are interested in the offer, the company will appear on the same day to pick up the car without any charges. Else, the offer will be valid for 48 to 72 hours to let you think deeply about it. After that, the towing service will appear, pay you the amount, and take your car.