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29 January 2021

what is my car worth Tow Away TodayYour presence in this article shows that you are planning to sell your car in the future. However, you are not sure about the car worth. If yes, then you have come to the right place. We believe that understanding the car worth should be the priority to get profitable deals and benefits for yourself. Therefore, you should never need to neglect this significant thing.

Whether you have a drivable or non-drivable vehicle, you need to understand that it does contain some value in the buyer’s eyes. Why? Because that specific thing is not available in the market or it has more demanding features.

Whatever would be the case for your vehicle, our definitive guide will tell you about everything that will make a substantial impact and outstanding results for you. So without wasting any further time, let’s start talking about the different ways that can help you to understand the car worth.

List of Ways to Identify How Much Is Your Car Worth:

No 1:

The first most important thing you need to do is to check the car listing platforms. There are a considerable amount of platforms available online. However, you would also consider the offline procedure.

If we talk about the online way, tons of cars will list daily on the car listing platforms. You would easily search about the same model and make your car and research them on these sites. There will be lots of peoples who would post about the same vehicle on such platforms.

You can easily compare the condition and prices from the available listing. However, it’s essential to understand that you need to be honest at the time of researching. Also, you need to deeply think about various factors that will be involved in the entire procedure.

It’s not like the vehicle listed on the platforms would be available in the same condition just like your car. You will see that other listings are offering higher prices based on their car condition. Therefore, you should never price the same for your car without thinking about your car condition.

It’s also usual to experience that the car listed on the platform is cheaper and has much lower conditions than your vehicle. Therefore, you should never need to compare your car and never try to lower its prices.

In general, compare the cars correctly and never consider overpricing or lower pricing for your vehicle. Otherwise, you would have to face lots of issues.

No 2:

The second outstanding and more comfortable way to identify car prices is the car seller’s online tools. You would have to fill up the information on such tools to acquire the right amount of data for your car.

It’s important to understand that you should never need to rely totally upon these services. Why? Because the rates they will be offering will not always provide accurate results for your market. Therefore, you need to consider them just for the rational idea.

It would be common to say that sometimes the tools would provide you with high rates. While sometimes the rates will be much lower as per your expectations. Therefore, you have to consider three or four reliable tools for the same purpose to find the mid-range value. Later, you can also compare your state market rates to find out better results for yourself.

No 3:

The third most important factor that can help you out for the car worth is the mileage. Whether you believe it or not, most of the cars that cross 100,000 mileage reduce half of its prices. It’s not only about America, but it’s almost the same for pretty much all parts of the world.

The rates are highly dependent upon the number of mileage your car has driven throughout the time. If you have less than 1000,000, you would be lucky to sell it in much better rates than the car above the ratio.

Let’s understand the same thing through an example. You have purchased a vehicle is $10,000, and it reaches to more than 1lac mileage. The current price for the car would be around half, which is $5,000. Based on that figure, you don’t have another option to sell it on $6,000 or $7,000. Why? Because nobody will be going to purchase the vehicle at such prices.

However, if the same car is driven around 75000 mileage, you would expect 10 or 20% less selling rates than the actual car buying. Therefore, you need to make sure that the mileage threshold should never get higher.

To minimize that impact, you can take the car when it’s an emergency or weekends. Otherwise, you would travel on local transportations to maintain its mileage for the sake of selling it at the reasonable prices.

No 4:

The fourth important thing that makes a substantial impact on the car price is the car’s dirtiness. Therefore, you have to work upon this thing to maintain higher rates for your vehicle.

IF you are taking the car to the service station or doing the service on your own, you will be happy to know that it will provide you with much better rates. Otherwise, you would have to expect the car worth lower every time.

Maintaining the car is very important to resist against the dust and rust. If you don’t keep the car, the car will get dusty and rusty. The dusty vehicle is more comfortable for you to clean; however, the rustiness will never go away easily.

At the same time, the rust will also make a negative impact on the car metal. Therefore, you would never expect reasonable rates for the vehicle. To make things better, you need to make sure that the car needs to be correctly clean at the right time and manner.

It’s not like you have to occasionally clean it up with the expectations of getting reasonable rates for the car. Things are not that much easier when you want to get more worth for your vehicle. Therefore, you should always need to take care of this single factor.

No 5:

You can quickly get to know about the car worth when your list it down on a different platform. As said earlier, you can know car worth by considering the car listing platforms where people post about the car for selling purpose.

You have the same website to get numerous amount of offers for your car. For that, you have to make a compelling ad post and fill up all the information along with car pictures. Now, wait for the people who will appear on your ad and offer you the prices.

Based on different quotations, you would quickly get to know about the mid-range prices for your car. It’s that much easier to identify the vehicle worth without many hurdles easily. Moreover, it’s also an excellent way to select the buyer who offers the highest amount that is pretty much justifiable as per the market. Therefore, you would choose them and let the deal done for your car.

No 6:

The last but most important thing you need to understand that seasonal car selling process has a substantial impact on car prices. Therefore, you should never try to sell the car in off-seasons. Otherwise, you would always get fewer rates for the vehicle.

In summer seasons, you would be happy to experience that vehicles tend to sell at much better prices than the winters. Why? Because people are more into travelling or various other things when it’s summers; therefore, the cars’ high demands also increase the prices.

On the other hand, people don’t travel much in the winter’s seasons. Therefore, the number of customers for this season would be pretty much lower. When the customers are less, the demand for the car will automatically reduce. So, you would not have lots of customers for the vehicle.

When you have fewer customers for the car, then you might always think about selling the vehicle at fewer rates, which is never a good option for you in general. Therefore, you need to select the excellent season to sell the car and get reasonable rates for your vehicle.


Are you the one who is planning to sell the car shortly? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We understand that selling your car would have different reasons. However, you would have to stick at the point where things are not identical for you when you consider car prices.

Due to these reasons, you might end up not selling the car, or you might sell it on a very low rate. For these reasons, we have come up with an idea to create an article that will provide you with different ways to know about your car worth and sell it at the right prices.

We have performed an enormous research process and narrow down the list for you in the above portion. Make sure to read every word we have written in this article to get the right information.

Last but not least, if you really want if you really want to know how much is your car worth? Simply, fill out the quote on TowAwayToday and see how much money will pay for your car.