We Buy Old Vehicles for Cash – Tow Away My Vehicle Today!

16 April 2021

We Buy Old Vehicles:

Do you have an old vehicle standing in your garage for a long time? If yes, then selling it would be the most outstanding decision you would ever make in your entire life. Why? Because it brings loads of positive options in your life that you may never have thought of before.

Tow Away Today is the old vehicle buyer offering you services in United States. They are the one who are famous for the reliable services and satisfactory rates for the Old Vehicles. However, they do have some important considerations relevant to the car types to buy old vehicles.

What Kind of Old Vehicles Tow Away Today buys?

For your convenience, the company has mentioned all of the old vehicles brands that will be considered by towawaytoday to buy. However, the major car models they tend to deal with for buying purpose? So, here is the list of them:

  • Porsche
  • Rolls Royce
  • Toyota
  • Suzuki
  • Ford
  • Ferrari
  • BMW
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Mercedes
  • Lamborghini
  • Land Rover
  • Mazda
  • Lexus
  • Mitsubishi
  • Audi
  • Bentley
  • Subaru
  • Volkswagen

You can easily see that almost every car type is available on TowAwayToday to buy old vehicles list. Therefore, you would not have many issues at the time of selling the old vehicle to them.

Many people reading this article might get some confusion in their minds that whether towawaytoday buys junk old vehicles or not? Well, the best part here is that you can easily sell your old vehicle regardless of its condition, to this company.

The car brands mentioned above are the one that Tow Away Today easily happy to purchase from you. Hence, you need to make sure that you offer the vehicles mentioned above for the selling purpose.

On the other hand, the company has never set up any rule about car conditions. Therefore, you can bring any accidental car or not along with drivable or not. The company will always offer you the audacity to sell it to them without any hurdles.

TowAwayToday Vehicle Buying Procedure:

You would be happy to hear that selling your old vehicles to towawaytoday is an effortless and instant procedure. Here, you need to follow some steps to make the selling procedure possible for your vehicle easily. What are those steps? Let’s discuss them below.

Step 1:

The first step will be to fill out the form available on the official website of TowAwayToday. The procedure is pretty much simple as you have to mention the personal and vehicle details on it. The key point here is that you should enter all relevant data to get a more accurate and faster quote for the car.

Here, you need to ender the Car Model/Make/year, License plate number, Zip Code, phone number, etc. After completing the details, the next step would be to submit them.

Step 2: 

After you fill up the whole information in the online form, the next step would be to evaluate your car. For that, the representatives will analyze your car information using the zip code and then compare it with the past deals in the same locations. Based on that, the car evaluation process will complete and the top offer for the car.

Step 3: 

The third step would be to contact the seller (You) about the quotes. For that, you will receive a call or email that you have mentioned in the online form for contact purpose. Here, you need to know that the offer will

come to you without any obligations, and you will also set up the payment method easily in a similar step.

Step 4: 

After receiving the offer, the offer’s expiration time will last for 48 to 72 hours as per the company rules. In other words, it’s maximum time the company offer you to think about the deal and take the final decision.

However, you can also sell the car within 24 hours, depending upon approving the offer straightaway. Here, another amazing thing is that it’s up to the seller to set up the time and date for the vehicle pick-up. It will be a good thing for anyone who is busy in their life and can’t manage free time to let the pick-up process happen easily.

Step 5: 

The last step would be to pick up the vehicle from your location and your desired timings. Here, you need to know that the towing service is free for everyone. In other words, you don’t have to pay a single penny for the pick-up; it will be free-of-cost from towawaytoday.

In the meantime, the representative who appears at your location would check out the paperwork to validate that you have mentioned the right information in the online form. Meanwhile, the company will also take some pictures of the car.

After completing both procedures, you will get your payment in cash, cheque, or anything else as per your preferences. At last, your car will be loaded to the towing, and the deal process will complete.

What are the Benefits of Selling Old Vehicles to Tow Away Today?

we buy old vehicles - tow away my vehicle today!

You have read a lot about the company, like its easy car selling procedure and the variety of old vehicles they buy. But, you might be wondering that what the benefit is to consider them for your vehicles? That’s what we will talk about below.

Save your Time:

The first and most important thing a car seller needs is to save their time. Remember, selling the car to a traditional car buyer or private buyer is never an easier thing. You have to wait a long to catch the right deal and sell your car depending upon the preferences.

However, it’s not guaranteed that you will get the right deal every time for your car by considering the same buyer type. TowAwayToday is the type of car buyer online service that works with advanced technologies and expert team members.

The procedure they follow tends to bring the easiness and effortless experiences in your life. Therefore, you can easily save your time for the old vehicle selling.


Everything that happens with towawaytoday is transparent. Therefore, nothing makes any reason for you to negotiate at all for the old vehicles that you want to sell. In general, Tow Away Today compares the information you provide them with the other offers and deals in the same region or town.

Based on that, they try to set up a top-offer for your car. In other words, their rates will be pretty much higher for you as compared to the market. Meanwhile, they never try to call you to lower the prices at all. Instead of that, they offer you the car quotes that is up to you to accept or not. If you are happy, they will appear at the location and hand over the payment as per your preferences.

Apart from that, if you check the FAQs of their official website, there is mentioned that we offer you top dollar based on market conditions. Also, they have mentioned that a reasonable offer will be made after comparing the car to other similar cars in the market.

Hence, there would be no other doubts, or miss-confusion remains in your mind to go for the negotiations at all.

Transparent Services:

Tow Away Today services are transparent for anyone who intends to buy their old vehicles at good prices and effortless experiences. Here, you will not get a single service that is hidden from you. The information mentioned on the Official website is the same thing you would expect from the company at the back end.

Therefore, you don’t have to face any issues at all. Meanwhile, once the company offer you the car quote, then they will not try to pay you anything less than that. However, you need to make sure that the paperwork is not problematic as it’s the only thing company would pay importance to and would also neglect the deal if it’s not adequate.

Zero-towing Charges:

You may have an old vehicle that is not in the running stage. Therefore, it would be harder for you to sell them to anyone as you can’t transfer them from your location to anywhere else. Considering the selling of the same vehicle to Tow Away Today is a beneficial decision.

The company not only offer you high prices for the vehicle, but they will also offer you free towing services for the vehicle. Therefore, all you need is to get the amount and say bye to the vehicle.

Quick Service:

As you have already read out the car selling steps of Tow Away Today, therefore, it would be understandable that you would get high benefits to sell the car to this company in no time. Yes, you would only need to spare 5 minutes in your busy schedules to fill-up the form and create reasons to sell your car.

Why TowAwayToday?

Tow Away Today has already made its name in the market due to the satisfactory results, profitable deals, and reliability in the market. They have a huge network spreading around Florida, Illinois, Texas, and California. Therefore, anyone who is the local of these states can easily sell their car without any issues.