Top Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Junk Car

6 October 2021

As a car owner, you may have one that is close to your heart due to the reasons that you have spend a lot of the time on it and travelled to as many places as possible. Right now, the car is not in a good condition, but, your emotional attachment is restricting you to not sell it at any case.

Taking such type of decisions are not always right, therefore, it’s a good option if you sell it. Especially, when the vehicle you love is turned into a junk category. But wait, is it possible to sell a junk car in the best way? Yes, everything is possible until you don’t make mistakes. So what are those mistakes that you should avoid while selling a junk car? Let’s discuss about it in the below section.

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Crucial Mistakes to avoid while selling a junk car:

Never Pay for the Towing:

You may have a junked car that is either in driving state or may be not. If it is, then you should drive it to the customer address to hand them over the vehicle. If not, then you should never call a towing service and pay them the amount to drop it to the buyer location.

Most of the time, a new junked car seller doesn’t know about the expenses of towing service and they give the assurance of towing the vehicle on their own. In return, they have to face loss. However, you as a new junked car seller should ask the buyer to give you a complimentary tow. If they are not accepting the deal, then you should back-off. Only deal with those buyers, who are offering you the free towing service as well and its cost would not be cut-off from the deal.

Selling a car in a hurry:

Majority of the people don’t want to longer for the junked car to sell at a good price. Therefore, they accept the deal that comes for the first time. In general, these practices are not good at all for you as a seller. Why? because you are restricting the other opportunities that can provide you more profit.

You should only accept the offer of a person in the initial stages, if the prices are higher as compared to your expectations. Sometimes, you would be lucky to get more quote for the Vehicle. Hence, you can accept that offer straightaway without waiting for another option.

Yes, there are possibilities that you would need cash as early as possible. At that situation, you can consider the person who is offering you less amount for the Junk car. Otherwise, never make such type of decisions.

Never wait for the Payment:

One major mistake that most of the junked car users make is that they compensate on the payment method. In simple words, they give the time to the buyer to pay the amount. In general, these practices are not liable when you don’t know about the buyer at all. May be, they would never appear back to pay you the amount, hence, you have to face a huge loss.

At the time of selling a junk car, make sure to ask the buyer to pay the whole amount on the spot. If they make any excuses, back-off the deal. Why? because it’s better to get less amount compared to not getting the whole payment at all.

Even if the buyer would pay you 80% of amount and ask for the remaining 20% in few days, never accept the deal at all.

Never accept the quote price that is less:

You have told the actual car condition information to the buyer, hence, the buyer has to respect the honesty of you at the time of deal. If they are not understanding the whole situation and offering you less amount than the actual price of the vehicle, then you should not respect them as well. Simply walk away from the deal and consider someone else who is willing to pay you the price depending upon the car condition. It can save you from all type of scams.

Leaving the Custom Accessories:

You may have a good quality sound system available in the vehicle, which still has a lot of value in the market. However, the junk car deal that has done with the buyer has not initiated the price of the sound system. If that’s the case, then you should not leave the custom accessory in to the car. Instead, you need to remove them before the buyer appear to the location to pick up the car.

The reason you should do it is because it can bring you an extra amount of money. You can sell them to anyone who is willing to buy it. Leaving the custom accessories can restrict you from getting the chances of getting more money in the pocket. So, never do this type of mistakes.

Never leave the Plates:

Most of the seller in the past have done a major mistake of leaving their number plates in the car at the time of selling it. In general, it’s one of the most important mistake that they have done. As you are selling it for the first time, you should need to learn from the mistake and try to remove the plates from the car.

Whenever you sell a car, the title usually transfer to a new buyer, however, the license paltes never includes into it. Therefore, you should never leave the old plates.

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