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BMW Cars Brand Origin

What Does BMW Stands For? BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. BMW company was found 1916 and on the beginning, they were producing aircraft engines. Later on, they started producing cars and motorcycles. In the 1962 BMW came out with a new class of compact sedans and increased their leadership in being a manufacturer for sport and high-performing cars.

Not without the reason BMW is called ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, as those cars are design to achieve better performance. Every inch of space in the car is designed to shorten the route of liquids and speed up car reaction.

BMW Car Models:

  • 1 Series five-door hatchbacks (model code F40). A four-door sedan variant (model code F52) is also sold in China and Mexico.
  • 2 Series two-door coupes (model code F22) and convertibles (F23), “Active Tourer” five-seat MPVs (F45) and “Gran Tourer” seven-seat MPVs (F46), and four-door “Gran Coupe” fastback (model code F44).
  • 3 Series four-door sedans (model code G20) and five-door station wagons (G21).
  • 4 Series two-door coupes (model code G22), two-door convertibles (model code G23) and five-door “Gran Coupe” fastbacks (model code G24).
  • 5 Series four-door sedans (model code G30) and five-door station wagons (G31). A long-wheelbase sedan variant (G38) is also sold in China.
  • 6 Series “Gran Turismo” five-door coupes (model code G32)
  • 7 Series four-door sedans (model code G11) and long-wheelbase four-door sedans (model code G12).
  • 8 Series two-door coupes (model code G14), two-door convertibles (G15) and “Gran Coupe” four-door fastbacks (G16).

The current model lines of the X Series SUVs and crossovers are:

  • X1 (F48)
  • X2 (F39)
  • X3 (G01)
  • X4 (G02)
  • X5 (G05)
  • X6 (G06)
  • X7 (G07)

I models:

  • i3 five-door B-segment (supermini) hatchback, powered by an electric motor (with optional REx petrol engine)
  • i8 two-door sports coupe/roadster, powered by an electric motor and a petrol engine (plug-in hybrid)

The recent models range:

  • M2 two-door coupe
  • M3 four-door sedan
  • M4 two-door coupe/convertible
  • M5 four-door sedan
  • M8 two-door coupe/convertible and four-door sedan
  • X3 M five-door compact SUV
  • X4 M five-door coupe-styled compact SUV
  • X5 M five-door SUV
  • X6 M five-door coupe-styled SUV

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