How to Sell Car at a Dealership in Oakland, CA?

If we talk about cars, so it has become more convenient and sophisticated than ever. But, people are still very focused and aimful to buy it. In a report, it’s said that the automakers of the U.S are in a decline phase of sales. However, it doesn’t mean that your dealership would have the same condition. It’s a fact that millions of worthy cars are selling and purchasing each year in the U.S.

It all depends upon the practical approach and the right vehicle you select to make a considerable amount of profit in your way. Therefore, we have researched a lot about this thing and finally came at the point to tell you about different tactics to combine and sell a car at a dealership in Oakland, CA.

Don’t waste your Time on Converting People:

A lot of people might come to the dealership office with the point of browsing cars. It will be their sole intention, but you don’t have to worry about it. Browsing is a crucial step in the entire process of purchasing a car.

All you have to do is to ask several questions to the customer to engage them. These questions could be of getting any information from you. However, you should simultaneously analyze that whether the customer is just kicking tires or they are going forward toward the buying cycle.

If they are not asking you about the buyer options or for a test drive, it’s notable that they are not planning to purchase it from you. In that case, you have to provide them with your business card. In this way, they can call you whenever they want to purchase the car seriously. Until then, you can move on towards the other buyer. Please don’t push the customer or try to convert them.

Get Personal:

Every potential customer does require a lot of care and needs to feel special as compared to other buyers. As a car seller, you have to create an instant engagement with the customer by learning about their names and try to use it in the conversation.

The tip might look simple to everyone, but this kind of approach can make a significant change in the entire sales world. It gives an idea to the customer that you are listening to them, and you are good to open a road map of a meaningful conversation.

Once you are well-aware of their name, you can now ask them questions regarding your vehicle that can make the best pair in a result.

Learn more about your car:

When you want to sell a car at a dealership in Oakland, CA, it’s not all about talking to the potential customer, calling them with their names, and make the conversation engaging. At some point, the potential customer wants the vehicle features details. Therefore, you should be strong enough to answer all of their questions without any hesitation.

Telling the customer about the ins and outs of the car will build strong confidence for a buyer. It also helps you to recommend the potential buyer about your vehicle as per their feature demands.

If you are driving the same vehicle that is available for sale at your dealership office, you can use it as an advantage. You can tell them about how good the mileage is, or how conveniently you can park the car in the city.

With that said, don’t try to come up with a fact that is hypothetical about a car. You have to tell them politely about the un-sure details. However, the information you are providing needs to be right. In this way, the customer will appreciate you more.

Use the BANT Approach:

BANT approach is very famous in the Dealership industry. If you are unaware about it, then you are missing a lot of sales. The full form of BANT is Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline.

With the BANT Approach, you can ask the potential customer about their budget. Based on that, you can show them the cars that meet the same price range. Don’t try to apply the oversell tactics. Also, analyze the customer authority to make a firm buying decision.

The vehicle you will be going to recommend them will fulfil the customer needs. If we talk about timeline, this process supports the moment you deliver the car to the customer at the preferable timeline.

Let say the car they want is already parked in your dealership; then it’s a plus point for you to sell it.

Don’t Judge the Buyer Before:

Whether your potential customer has come up to you in a normal or fancy dress, you don’t have to judge them based on the appearance. It’s not evident that a person with a luxurious look can buy an expensive vehicle from you.

Some people may not appear adequate to the dealership office, but you tend to spend the right amount over your expectation on a new car. Approach every person who comes into your dealership with a smile. Ask them about the help they want from you.

Learn About Other Dealership:

It’s good to know about your dealership vehicles. However, it would be better to have a fair amount of knowledge about other dealership in Oakland, CA. You should know which car they are selling the most.

In this way, whenever a customer asks you about the cars they have already seen, you can guide them about your dealership options with similar price range and features.

It’s essential to not use harsh or harmful words about other dealership. It will only create a wrong impression in the mind of the customer. You only have to point out the positive features of the product you are selling. Let your product to speak better to the potential customer.

Bring Referral Programs to Sell Car:

The referral program is one of the best ways you can automate the selling of your cars at a Dealership in Oakland, CA. Whether you are selling an old car or a new car, you are simply telling the existing customer to refer others to buy a vehicle from you. In return, you will offer them a better deal.

You can easily automate the process on your official dealership website. Through emails, you can send as many invitations to the existing customer for joining your reward program.

Host Public Event:

If the people in Oakland, CA, is un-aware about your dealership, you can never sell the cars to anyone of them. Therefore, it’s better first to let people know about your dealership. All of this is possible when you host public events for the community.

You can host dinner for the people and tell them about your products. Else, you can also raise a charity program where people come. Also, you can host a limited time product discount offers where the customer can buy cars from your dealership at some discounts.

Don’t Try Pushy Techniques:

IF you are the kind of dealership which often become an aggressive salesperson, then it’s not a good thing for you. The potential customer will directly sense about your behaviour, and they will try to walk away from you.

If someone has their own significant decisions for buying a vehicle, you should need to respect it. But it doesn’t mean that you have to stay quiet until the time the sale gets closed. You have to apply the selling techniques, but it should be in a polite manner.

Share Incentives Information:

You can tell the potential buyers about the recent deals to attract them towards buying your vehicle. You can tell them about the long-term advantages of the incentives you are offering to them. Let them alone without any pressure to make the perfect decision.

Apart from that, you can also tell them about the other significant benefits at the time they are purchasing the car from you. People always love sales incentives, so you can use their emotional behavior in a positive way to get benefits.

Work On your Appearance:

When you are welcoming a customer at your dealership, you should not judge them with their appearance as you are un-aware who will be having the potential amount to buy your car. However, the same thing never turns out to be positive for a dealership member.

Your buyer would judge you based on your appearance. So, it’s good to have a clean and tidy look in front of your customer. You have to dress well to get success in selling your car. Primarily, make sure that you smell and breathe well.


Selling a Car at a dealership in Oakland, CA, is not as easy as you think in your mind. Therefore, you have to work on various factors like your appearance, your behavior, and the competitiveness of your dealership office. All these things combine to make your dealership a strong reason for getting a tremendous amount of sale for your products. Last but not least, never use foul language about your competitors; it will only bring negative results for your dealership.

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